HOW TO SAVE OFF YOUR ORDER You`re going to want to take full advantage of this maximum savings with iHerb Coupon Code KOV618: Just click one of the buttons to apply the iHerbs coupon code to activate the discount. Then when you check-out your discount will be applied automatically. Place any special items in your shopping cart When using your code at checkout, first-time customers enter both iHerb promo codes KOV618 and WELCOME5 into the rewards box. Customers who are ordering for the first time can save a significant amount on their order with an £3.83 And every customer receives additional 5% credit on their future orders. There are other special iHerb promos that the company will run. They all operate at different times. However, the coupon code for $5-20% is often the best available promotion. You will be limited to one order per household with the promotion.

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